To have a collaborative community of empowered women who have embraced their
unique journeys, confidently navigate life transitions, and inspire others to
live authentically and out loud.


Live Out Loud Today provides a transformative space for women in Omaha to navigate life's challenges with confidence, clarity, and connection. We foster personal growth,
self-confidence, and the development of strong relationships through expert guidance, collaborative learning, and a supportive community.


L - Learn: Fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing, encouraging individual and collective growth.

I - Inspire: Uplifting and motivating each other to achieve personal goals and aspirations, leading others by example.

V - Value: Emphasizing the importance of respect and inclusion by valuing the unique strengths and experiences of every member.

E - Empower: Encouraging members to take ownership, make their voices heard, and be intentional in creating the life they desire.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, we would love to have you join us online in our Facebook community and in person at our next event!

Nicole Redinbaugh

President and Founder

Nicole has lived the vast majority of her life in the Omaha area, where she has been raising her blended family of four kids. She recently opened her own insurance brokerage, The Legacy Guardians, and is excited to have her husband, Sean, join her as they expand. During her free time, Nicole enjoys making memories with her family, including her young granddaughter, crafting, singing along to music, and visiting new places and restaurants.

Like most women though, life hasn't been easy for Nicole. She has faced many challenges that have molded her, including:

  • teenage pregnancy and being a single mother

  • lifelong battle with weight due to emotional eating, leading to other limiting health conditions

  • infertility, hormone imbalances, and miscarriage

  • adoption through foster care

  • parenting a child with special needs

  • coping after infidelity, narcissistic manipulation, and abuse

  • going through divorce

... and so much more

As part of her own self-discovery and personal growth journey, Nicole realized that there was a significant need in the community for more resources and opportunities for women to learn and connect. She founded Live Out Loud Today in early 2024 as a collaborative effort with other local female professionals to help fill this gap. Her goal is to help support women who are looking to learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded pwho have been through significant life changes.

So many women spend years pouring everything into building a career and/or family, they lose sight of who they are as individuals.

Live Out Loud Today is designed to help women re-discover themselves and find support and encouragement along the way.

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